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Pmate Australia

Safe Reliable Automated Carparking Solutions from Design to Installation with Experienced Local Knowledge.


  • Lower cost for installation of Multi-deck carparks. Relocatable
  • Reduced land footprint size with greater utilisation of car spaces. (Better oversight of mobility parking)
  • Improved accessibility – entry point close to station/building entrance for improved driver security - Rail station & Hospital parking
  • Reduced Insurance – self parking or valet service for loading and retrieving removes public from carpark risk
  • Reduced operating costs, minimal mechanical ventilation & lighting
  • High Speed elevating system capable of rapid delivery and retrieval
  • Height of 1.6m allowing for majority of vehicles to be installed including SUVs
  • Built-in turntables allow for forward load and unload
  • External surfaces can be adopted for Solar Panel, PV Array, or Multi-media panels for above ground installations - Speedy
  • Car retrieval can be automated using Mobile Phone App connectivity/GPS Tracking of car
  • Reduced environmental Footprint. Car Engine not required for loading and unloading

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