Jane Bell House

Royal Melbourne Hospital

2018 – 2020


The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) Jane Bell House – Level 2 and Level 4 was formerly the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratories (VIDRIL), Located 10-14 Wreckyn Street, North Melbourne. As part of the Critical works infrastructure project Jane Bell House was refurbished as a Super Administration Zone to house the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) team on level 2, and decant staff from levels 1 and 3 of the Materials Handing Building to level 4.

Level 2 and 4 was converted from laboratory space to office accommodation generally comprising of an open plan office, meeting rooms, breakout spaces and tea and staff amenities. Other areas of work included:

  • Existing Operating Theatre Upgrade Works
  • Facial Prosthetics refurbishment
  • Front Entrance Refurbishment
  • Pharmacy Refurbishment
  • Level 2 South East fit out
  • Level 2 East Cardiology Diagnostics fit out
  • Lift 30/31 Upgrade
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