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ANZ Bank Data Centre Infrastructure Upgrade

ANZ Data Centre Infrastructure
Project Managers: 
BurnsBridge Sweett Pty Ltd
$4.8 Million
Completion Year: 

The ANZ Bank Data Centre required a redevelopment of the current building. LCI were bought in to design and develop a new upgrade for this building, in this there had to be a cooling system included.


LCI have completed a major infrastructure upgrade for an ANZ Data Centre comprising the provision of 2 additional 625kVA rotary UPS units connected in parallel to the existing UPS infrastructure operating in 2 (n+1) configuration.

In addition the Data Hall cooling system was upgraded with the provision of an additional six 56kW dynamic free cooling process cooling units (PCU's). In the PCU's heat from the direct expansion (DX) refrigerant circuit is transferred to a water-glycol mixture by a plate-type condenser integrated in the PCU. The water-glycol mixture circulates in a closed circuit and emits heat to the atmosphere via external dry coolers. When ambient temperatures permit, the DX circuit is isolated and the PCU units operate in free cooling mode. The PCU units are operated in n+2 configuration and associated condenser water pumps operated in n+1 configuration.


The redevelopment of the ANZ Bank Data Centre has now given it the ability to able to work to its optimum capacity without over heating.

The new cooling system that has been integrated functions at a higher rate, meaning there is less problems with the data centre over heating.

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