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Epworth Hospital, Camberwell

Generation Healthcare for the Epworth Hospital
Project Managers: 
Chris Adams
Completion Year: 

The building at the Epworth Hospital in Camberwell was beginning to look aged and furthermore, didn't meet the requirements of the hospital.

It was vital to the hospital that it needed a redevelopment, not only for the building but for the patients and staff as well.


The project included the development for a range of services and departments on the existing Camberwell site.

LCI have been responsible for the Engineering Services component of the redevelopment and some key issues being addressed include:

  • Business Continuity- to redevelop and maintain existing hospital operational
  • United Energy Substation relocation
  • Main Sewer by pass – Yarra Valley water
  • New Bulk Oxygen plant
  • Existing infrastructure – age, capacity, expansion
  • Redevelopment staging
  • Risk assessment review
  • Benchmark analysis of systems and costs
  • Integration with other Epworth facilities

The completion of this project meant that the Epworth in Camberwell could provide health care facilities for a greater amount of patients, provide these services in a hospital that can meet all of their requirements and also still maintain their daily operations.

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