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Royal Melbourne Hospital Masterplan and Feasibility Study & Infrastructure Renewal

Department of Human Services
Project Managers: 
Johnstaff Projects
Completion Year: 
November 2010

The redevelopment for the Royal Melbourne Hospital was proposed for the development for a range of services and departments spread over two key campuses in the City and Parkville. 

The hospitals main aim for the redevelopment was to create masterplan as well as include 32 new beds in the NW/NWE building, 24 new beds in the 7 West ward, reallocate & expand the ambulatory services, complete the North Wing Expansion, refurbish 2 West, reallocate the Bio-Med, pathology service collocated in a single building, create day beds in 5 West and 5 East as well as demolish some areas of the hospital.


LCI was responsible for the Engineering Services component of the redevelopment and some key issues addressed include:

  • Existing infrastructure – age, capacity, expansion
  • Establishment of additional infrastructure - services nodes
  • Co-generation strategy
  • ITC accommodation and infrastructure – benchmarking
  • Redevelopment staging
  • Risk assessment review
  • Benchmark analysis of systems and costs
  • ESD initiatives
  • Integration with other Health Agencies
  • Early enabling work for VCCC north side

The end result for this hospital was being able to work in 2 new health care facilities that provided enough room for all patients as well as now being integrated in with other Health Agencies including the Perter MacCallum Comprehensive Cancer Centre.

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