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VIC Schools 2

Project Managers: 
Completion Year: 
Tranche 1 2017, Tranche 2 2018

The New Schools PPP Project involved 15 new schools delivered across some of the State's fastest growing metropolitan and regional communities.

The project supports the Government's education agenda. The schools are designed as community hubs and they encourage community use and additional community facilities and programs through a partnership with the YMCA. The schools also support inclusion of all learners, including students with a disability.


In addition to the 15 schools, Learning Communities Victoria Pty Ltd (LCV) will also deliver:

  • Expanded indoor gymnasiums to Netball Victoria standards;
  • A learn to swim pool at Mernda Central Prep- Year 12 school;
  • A hydrotherapy pool at North Geelong Special Developmental School;
  • Additional multi-purpose spaces  which  will be  used by the school during the day and  operated by YMCA after hours to deliver before and after school care and other community  programs; and
  • Kitchens at four schools.

The State requirement was for the school buildings to provide good levels of thermal comfort for the students, teachers and members of the community using the buildings, and for those buildings to be controlled by passive means as far as possible.

LCI focused on the key drivers, and delivered multiple systems that:

  • Passively controls space temperature as far as possible. When not possible by passive means an active system takes over
  • Maintains the space temperature between 21 to 26 C
  • Can limit the percentage of people dissatisfied (PPD) to less than 10%
  • Limits the build of carbon dioxide

The new schools that have been built provide a high quality environment for the children and teachers. These new schools now are able to give all students including students with special needs the space they need to grow and develop whilst giving all teachers, students and members of the community a place to feel comfortable.

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