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Walsh Bay Arts Centre

Richard Crookes Pty Ltd
$200 Million
Completion Year: 
Arts & Special Buildings

The Walsh Bay Performing Arts Precinct is home to the highest concentration of arts organisations in Sydney with a combination of arts and cultural tenants. Pier 2/3 is the fnal undeveloped piece in the precincts; The Walsh Bay Arts Precinct.

The Project will transport this wharf in order to house signifcant further cultural facilities and contribute to a precinct that is already established with arts organisations including Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Dance Company, Bangarra Dance Theatre and Australian Theatre for Young People and venues 
including theatres, rehearsal facilities and dance studios.


The Project includes works to Pier 2/3, the lower 2 foors of Wharf 4/5 and the Shore Sheds. The works comprise of the following;
A series of alterations and reconfgurations to Pier 2/3 to provide;

  •  Performance venues
  •  Rehearsal rooms, production workshops, back of house facilities and offces;
  •  Function spaces, bars, cafes and foyer spaces extending onto external gantry platforms (balconies) providing breakout space for internal foyers and allowing views of outdoor performances;
  •  Mezzanine spaces for offce and back of house facilities;
  •  Upgrades to meet compliance with current BCA, DDA and fire codes;
  •  Creation of new commercial tenancies and public toilets;
  •  Removal of some storey posts and beams to facilitate internal reconfguration and new users; and
  •  Retention of a large proportion of the ground foor in its existing ‘raw’ heritage state for events and festivals including Sydney Writers’.

A series of alterations and reconfgurations to the Bangarra Dance Theatre (BDT) tenancy to provide the following;

  •  Upgrade of the main rehearsal and performance space to provide improved daylight and natural ventilation;
  •  Upgraded foyer and exhibition space along the eastern frontage;
  •  Improved offce space at mezzanine level included a new lift;
  •  Provision of function space at ground level of northern end of wharf, minor internal alterations to Sydney Dance Company (SDC) including;
  •  Reducing the existing workshop space to create a fifth dance studio;
  •  Upgrading offce and reception areas
  •  Upgrading the services to the existing studios
  •  Providing AC to admin areas.

Upgrade works to the Shore Sheds including;

  •  Internal alterations to reconfgure choir spaces, including provision of mezzanine for choir administration;
  •  Creation of new commercial tenancies at ground and mezzanine levels; and
  •  Provision of office space at ground level.

LCI Consultants are providing Mechanical, Electrical, Fire, Communications, Security, Hydraulics and Vertical Transportation.

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