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Woolworths Melbourne South Regional Distribution Centre (High Bay)

End Client - Woolworths
$215 Million
Completion Year: 

This new Melbourne South Regional Distribution Centre development consists of a 45m tall multi row rack high bay and a 25m high case buffer making it the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere housing up to 60,000 pallets and capable of 24/7 operation. 

It includes more than 14 kilometres of high-speed conveyors, multi-storey racking systems, robotics technology, advanced sorting systems. The distribution centre provides Woolworths with the capacity to sort and distribute stock at a far greater levels of accuracy and at a pace not yet seen in traditional warehousing operations in the country.

The Woolworths Melbourne South Regional Distribution Centre (MSRDC) took home the National Award for Development Innovation at the Property Council’s Innovation & Excellence Awards ceremony 2019.


Incredibly the high bay has only 5 levels of in-rack sprinklers compared to over 13 for a conventional design. This saved millions and millions of dollars on the project, lowered the height requirement, and sped up the sprinkler installation along with improved safety. It also meant to lower fire water flow adding to the savings and, allows the client to change more intermediate beam locations without sprinkler costs while achieving FM Global Performance which helped with the alternative solutions negotiations with the Fire Brigade.


LCI provided the Fire Services Design for this new distribution Stephen Hall (current Director of LCI) designed the systems and the overseas fire testing which allowed the solutions and participated in the project right to the end of commissioning and handover.

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