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Wynnum Manly District Cricket Club Training Facility Lighting Upgrade

Wynnum Manly District Cricket Club
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Wynnum Manly District Cricket Club (WMDCC) users have been training under the existing lighting installation for the past 15 years. LCI Consultants were asked to come to assist the club with spending its limited funding on a full upgrade of the cricket net lighting.

Upon arrival, we found one pole completely flattened due to a recent storm, another looking a bit worrisome based on the untreated rust at the base and the remaining four 12 metre concrete poles with some very sad looking pole top lights, limping their way to the end of their useful life.

The club had deemed the lighting upgrade a “high priority” under their capital works agenda item for the previous five years as the lighting levels had denigrated to what was considered dangerously low levels, something that the speed bowlers were using to their advantage during training. Under the existing lighting, the speed bowlers were coming out at dusk, bowling bodyline for an hour and then would see who was left standing at the end. After batting in those nets for many years, the injury risk to the batsmen were going to be very relieved and impressed with the reduced risk of bodily harm with the new and improved lighting installation.


LCI redesigned the lighting to provide an average of 420 lux, with two new poles and utilising the existing poles with a new head mast arrangement. This achieved Class III lighting levels and exceeded the match practice levels based on Cricket Australia Guidance Note 4. Moreover, the obtrusive light levels for the neighbouring properties were well below the specified levels from AS4282 Control of the effects of outdoor lighting (1997) for pre-curfew.

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Upon completion, WMDCC saw a significant increase in patronage. Word of the upgrade spread quickly within the Queensland cricket community and, since the September 2017 installation, the club has seen an increase in patronage of 40% at the training facilities alone. As a direct result of the upgrade, the Eastern Districts and BEARS Junior representative teams have commenced training at WMDCC using the training facilities under lights. Based on this increase in patronage, we calculated the benefits not just based on energy and maintenance cost savings but what the impact of the additional players were into the calculations. When additional membership fees are considered in the overall installation, the period of payback is reduced by 35% – a significant number for a small installation.

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