Aerosol Study Presentation

Aerosols are unique, they are suspended particles on which gravity has little effect due their size, they mostly behave as the air they are mixed with.

This is until the airflow turns sharply near a surface, at which point the momentum of the particles can cause them to collide with the surface and come to rest. Most worldwide studies have assumed that aerosols only behave as a gas and ignore the fact that they will come to rest on a surface. The study undertaken by LCI models both behaviours and is ground-breaking in the pandemic analysis to date.

Sam Coleman is a Mechanical Engineer specialising in energy modelling and analysis, and overall HVAC design. His focus is on modelling software to better develop and manage ESD principles and alternatives. Simon Witts is a Principal at LCI and a Chartered Engineer with 34 years’ international experience in the health building design and project management.

Join them on Tuesday 24th November 2020 at 6:00pm AEDT for their Aerosol Study Presentation, hosted by CIBSE.

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