Specialist Lighting Design

With human-centric design in mind, our team of specialised lighting designers analyse the user space and needs and provide a holistic lighting solution that considers many factors. These factors include sustainability, glare, visual comfort, budgetary constraints, energy consumption, the environment, site restrictions, and codes & standards.

Our goal is to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, memorable and inspiring yet functional and sustainable.

We are a team of designers, industrial designers, architects, and electrical engineers – dedicated and passionate about lighting design and the important role light plays in the built environment and the human psyche. We understand the importance of realising a ‘Lighting Vision’ for a project. This allows expression of salient architectural themes   as well as creating a strong visual narrative allowing the lighting to become an integral part of the final built form.

Our team has had the opportunity to collaborate with many of the leading architectural design houses and consultancies globally. Together, we push the boundaries of what can be imagined in yielding a positive contribution to a memorable user experience.

Area of Expertise

At LCI, we see Specialist Lighting Design as the tangible link between art, architecture, science, and engineering. The lighting designers assembled by LCI are well recognised across all sectors of the industry, both nationally and internationally. Their diverse skillsets allow LCI to:

  • Provide site planning advice onsite orientation and overshadowing at the planning stage
  • Provide daylight design advice on building fenestration and solar shading
  • Provide lighting master planning to projects of all scales
  • Develop tailored creative lighting designs for fully integrated and visually stunning outcomes
  • Design bespoke luminaires for specific projects
  • Design lighting control systems to extract maximum impact out of an implemented Specialist Lighting design
  • Identify and implement urban art and placemaking opportunities
  • Develop ports lighting schemes with environmental and contextual considerations
  • Assist in the commissioning of installations to achieve the presented outcome, aiming and focusing on lighting installations
  • Develop lighting schemes for the public realm with due consideration to CPTED principles and environmental implications

Using state of the art digital technologies, our articulate designers can communicate at all levels of the construction process from developers to project managers to the design team right through to sub-trades, stakeholders, and end users. This means of clear consistent message from project inception to delivery.   Additionally with sustainability at the forefront all projects, our solutions are derived after a thorough and comprehensive Lifecycle Assessment.

Relevant Projects

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