Building Code, Accessibility & DDA

With a clear focus on building safety, accessibility, and energy efficiency, our qualified Building Surveyors, Certifiers and Access Consultants have a significant impact on the design, planning and functionality of buildings.

We have experience in preparing expert reports, auditing and assessing building code compliance and ever-changing regulations across Australia. Our Surveyors/Certifiers have a vast amount of experience and are often involved for the whole lifecycle of the project and provide consultancy advice on stages of the construction. They also can conduct inspections for a variety of reasons, such as compliance audits for insurance or dilapidation reports.

Design and regulatory non-compliance issues are a burden to most clients, because of that, we work proactively with the client and design team and act as principal regulatory advisers and access consultants identifying ways in that compliance may best be achieved.

Additionally, we provide expert witness reports and services for courts and tribunals, building reports and unbiased technical advice during building disputes between different parties.

However, we will not act as the relevant building surveyor/PCA or issue Building Permit/Consent approvals.

At LCI, we believe staying informed must be at the forefront of every consultant. As the industry, business, and the legislative environment keep evolving and iterating, we stay aware by:

  • Follow websites of governing agencies
  • Attend online conferences and seminars
  • Exchange knowledge with other industry experts
  • Research
  • Training


  • Expert Witness representation to state-based building regulations and fire safety
  • Building Regulatory and Building Code consultancy
  • Building fire safety risk assessment and verification reviews audits
  • Due diligence surveys and reports
  • Dilapidation Reports
  • Schematic Design desk-top review and reporting
  • Building Code of Australia Audits
  • Building audit of essential safety measures present including identifying defects
  • Identification of alternative, cost-effective design solutions.
  • Dispute Resolution Service
  • Auditing of maintenance contractors
  • Preparation of building regulatory modification submissions, Peer review of performance-based solutions
  • DDA advise and assessment
  • Negotiations with authorities to facilitate the compliance of Building Notices/Orders/Directions
  • Essential Services Manual preparation and Annual Signoffs around Australia
  • Preparation of Essential Safety Measures fire services tender contracts documents including fire services and mechanical services etc.


As part of giving back to the industry and community, our Principal Building Regulatory/Access Consultant, Hank Van Ravenstein, co-authored several publications on building compliance and construction related research to guide other designers and clients.

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