Future Proofing Hospitals

The emergence of COVID-19 has put future proofing in the spotlight, as the healthcare industry grapples with how to design, expand and transform facilities to deal with the unprecedented impact of the pandemic.

Globally, as COVID-19 cases fill emergency rooms and intensive care units in cities around the world, there has been a race to convert hotels, convention centres and city parks into new hospital spaces. And while the pandemic is far from over, many clinicians, architects, consultants and healthcare executives are already talking about how modern hospital designs could change to avoid a repeat of the current global crisis.

With this in mind, the Future Proofing Hospitals Half Day Online Event will explore how to plan, design and develop our hospitals to accommodate for sudden surges in patients and future catastrophes.

This event will highlight how to redesign and support existing facilities to deal with possible outbreaks and how to collaborate with multiple stakeholders to deliver innovative, flexible and integrated facilities for the future.


  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders to manage change and deliver integrated health precincts
  • Implement strategies to keep projects on time and within budget during COVID-19
  • Deliver additional structures to support existing hospitals
  • Future proofing existing spaces to deal with outbreaks

Wednesday, 16 September 2020 I 9:30am – 12:30pm AEST

Speaker: Simon Witts

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