Hilton Foods: Employing advanced automation technology

Where Innovation Meets Functionality

Heathwood Logistics Estate stands as a 24.5-hectare technological marvel in South-East Queensland. Far from a typical industrial facility, this estate serves as a bustling hub for global giants like Asahi, Hilton Foods, and Primary Connect. World-class amenities such as automation, robotics, high bay, co-location, and cold storage capabilities render it indispensable to Australian retailers’ supply chain.

LCI’s Pivotal Role in the Project

LCI took on the role of engineering design services partner and led the Mechanical and Fire Systems services in the Hilton Foods building. We crafted innovative designs, meticulously customising them to meet the unique needs of various facilities and integrate seamlessly with automated systems.

Fire Systems: The Heartbeat of Safety and Business Continuity

At the core of our design philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to safety and business continuity. We engineered a fire alarm system that integrates with building security, and automation to provide a reliable system for safety and business continuity. Our versatile fire system accommodates various types of wet fire systems, including glycol sprinkler lines that are ideal for cold and freezer storage areas where other technologies where not flexible or cost effective while also meeting insurance requirements.

Mechanical Systems: The Pulse of Comfort

We designed a mechanical system that guarantees the highest levels of comfort, functionality, energy efficiency and reliability to support the business processes. The system optimises air conditioning and ventilation for office spaces and amenities, with sustainability in mind. We repurpose waste heat with the refrigeration for environmental control and supply preheated water to reticulated and incoming water sources as a major energy feature..

Building Management and Control Systems (BMCS)

We extended our engineering expertise to Building Management and Control Systems (BMCS), ensuring seamless integration across multiple operational areas like refrigeration, hydraulics, electrical, fire, vertical transport, and process automation systems.

Concluding Thoughts

We congratulate all teams and partners who contributed to this extraordinary project. Heathwood Logistics Estate stands as a testament to what innovation, collaboration, and determination can achieve. LCI is proud of its rewarding role in a project that is setting new standards in industrial excellence.

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AWARDS: Best Business or Industrial Facility Award – Innovation & Excellence Awards, Property Council of Australia.

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