LCI reflected through Art by Emma Stenhouse

LCI commissioned Emma Stenhouse to create a unique art piece as the first step of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) journey. An Indigenous artisan, Ngarrindjeri woman, artist, weaver, printmaker, designer, sewist… Emma imparts her knowledge of culture and ignites the flame of love for the Country in other hearts and minds. Having spent the majority of her lifetime in Broken Hill, Emma’s art is inspired by the nature and wildlife outback and regional NSW. She demonstrates a strong connection to the country using elements of contemporary art and traditional iconography.

Under one sky, this bespoke artwork narrates the invigorating and inspiring story of LCI.

The colour palette represents and honours the diversity of the Country in which we operate. The five prominent circular elements are reflective of our five regional offices. The lines connecting these elements are not only an acknowledgement of the core pillars of Reconciliation Action Plans (Relationships, Respect and Opportunities) but also represent the bond and trust we have as a company and with our clients.

Our colleagues are our family. And the inclusion of the camp symbols and people entering those camps within the circular elements represent that we are ready to form connections and trust with the wider community including our clients and First Nations Australians.

Evidently, our health sector’s success is the root of our business. The artist illustrated this foundation using flowering wattles which also symbolise our continuous commitment to develop resilience and prioritise health and wellbeing.

The values that will strengthen our Reconciliation Action Plan are promised in the 5 journey lines – they represent courage, integrity, collaboration, creativity, and innovation.  As we come together to reflect on our reconciliation path under One LCI, we recognise the importance of having mutual respect for one another and creating transparency. Our professional and personal journeys are intertwined as we share our existing knowledge and develop new learnings and experiences together.

Lastly, the emu and kangaroo tracks signify LCI’s recognition of the part we play in our Country’s future and the footprints we leave behind – each one of us is responsible for preserving our land and waterways.

As members of the Built Environment, we are committed to shaping sustainable and liveable cities and Designing for The Future.

LCI has proudly commenced the process of embarking on our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Our organisation recognises the importance as a community and a nation to advance reconciliation.  We believe it is our duty as an employer to develop relationships with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and to encourage and educate our staff on cultural awareness.

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