David Caleo

David Caleo


David has over 30 years of experience in the building industry, with extensive experience derived from working in worldwide consultancy environments. His knowledge has been achieved by delivering on a range of projects throughout England, Australia, and Asia. He has represented companies at contractor, consultant, and client levels, delivering technical expertise across numerous industry sectors. David is accustomed to working closely with clients to prepare design briefs tailored to their specific requirements.

Described as a lateral thinker, he looks beyond the normal boundaries of practical solutions to difficult problems conveying his passion for the environment, offering low-energy environmentally-friendly solutions which are customised to a particular purpose. Having an excellent technical base in HVAC design, documentation, and delivery, David often provides the concept designs for complex systems. With a firm commitment to design excellence and client satisfaction, he is a valuable asset to any enterprising, forward-thinking organisation.

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