David Mitchell

David Mitchell


David has vast experience and insight in supply authorities though a previous role at Ausgrid. He has network authority planning experience, which has allowed him to gain a detailed understanding of the supply authority, i.e. Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy standards and legislation to effectively manage the multiple requirements needed to meet deliverable dates. David has also undertaken numerous public lighting projects, with the design of roadway lighting systems, in both vehicle and pedestrian categories, including public domain areas.

David has designed a wide range of projects which cover electrical distribution infrastructure from Low Voltage to 33kV in both underground and overhead configurations. This includes the augmentation of the existing electrical distribution network to installing additional infrastructure assets encompassing pole top, kiosk, pad mount, chamber stations, and high voltage customer connections.

In previous roles, David has worked in highly technical roles as an Avionic Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, for both Qantas and Department of Defence (Navy). David has also been deployed under active service.

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