COX Sydney Studio

Sydney, NSW



LCI Consultants were entrusted with the design of engineering services for the renovation of COX Sydney Studio located at 70 George Street, Sydney. The primary objective of this project was to establish a future-proof workplace that could readily adapt to evolving work culture. The project was guided by three key pillars: conservation, collaboration, and sustainability.


The Metcalfe Bond Stores building, originally constructed in 1912, served as a State-heritage listed former bond store and warehouse. The five storey building followed a functionalist design tradition, featuring timber post and beam interior construction and brick load-bearing exterior walls.


Great care was taken to introduce new elements to minimise their impact on the building’s heritage value, while enhancing sustainability.


A mixed mode ventilation strategy was implemented to combine natural elements with technology, allowing users to have control over their environment through the leveraging of natural sea breezes.


  • Create a workspace that is future-proof and capable of accommodating changing workplace culture.
  • Prioritise conservation, collaboration, and sustainability throughout the renovation process.
  • Preserve and enhance the historical heritage of the Metcalfe Bond Stores building.
  • Implement a mixed mode ventilation strategy to minimise energy usage and offer user control over the environment.
  • Reduce carbon emissions through the utilisation of natural ventilation during favourable ambient conditions

The renovation of COX’s Sydney Studio stands as a testament to LCI Consultants’ unwavering commitment towards creating a workspace that is both sustainable and adaptable. By integrating conservation principles, fostering collaboration, and implementing inventive ventilation and energy efficiency strategies, the project achieves a harmonious equilibrium between preserving heritage, enhancing user comfort, and promoting environmental responsibility.



Pictures by Nicole England

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