New Schools 2020 Program (Bundles 1& 2), VIC


Victorian Schools Building Authority


2017 – 2021


Schools 2020 Program (Bundles 1 & 2) includes the design, construction, commissioning, and completion/handover of nine new primary (P-6) schools located in the eastern and northern/western regions of Victoria. Five of the schools were completed for the commencement of the 2020 school year, three to be completed for opening in 2021, and the final specialist school in 2022.

The project has:

  • provided improved access to and greater choice of quality school services in growing communities by delivering new school facilities that support individual learning styles and enhance the delivery of the school curriculum,
  • facilitated community use of school infrastructure including the colocation of community facilities and services where possible and appropriate, and
  • maximised value for money for the government by delivering within project budget school facilities that are environmentally responsive, functional, and reliable for the long term.

A key challenge of this project has been the development of engineering services designs that respond to the requirements of the BQSH to deliver an appropriate teaching and learning environment whilst managing project costs within the allocated budget. Staging, pricing, and tender options were identified and developed for the four schools tendered at 60% Design Development stage. The other schools have been designed to a full tender design package.

LCI is providing electrical, mechanical, hydraulics, fire protection, fire engineering, ESD engineering services.

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