Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) Critical Infrastructure Upgrades

Royal Melbourne Hospital

2018 – 2020


The Victorian Government provided $40,000,000 in the 2017-18 State Budget to support the immediate critical capital infrastructure works at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) Parkville-City and Royal Park campuses. These funds will assist RMH to continue providing safe care to patients and visitors, and a safe working environment for staff while planning for a major redevelopment of the RMH City and Royal Park facilities.

The critical infrastructure works enables the RMH to continue with safe patient care and a safe working environment until a major re-development takes place.

The $40,000,000 was identified for several areas, across the Royal Melbourne Hospital City campus and Royal Park Campus, which at the time of the business case development where determined to be the highest risks.

  • Structural Works
  • Materials Handling Roof (Hazmat)
  • OHS Infection Prevention Works
  • Transportation Upgrade (Lift 30/31)
  • Heritage Roof Replacement (Royal Park Campus)
  • Critical Services Relocation (Home Dialysis)

The nature of the RMH Critical Infrastructure works resulted in multiple work fronts in various areas across both the City and Royal Park campus. A key challenge to the Project team was to stage the works such that disruption to the hospitals day to day operation is minimised or negated.

LCI provided Mechanical, Medical Gases, Electrical, Communications, Security, Fire, Hydraulics, and Vertical Transportation services design.

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