Sydney Football Stadium

John Holland Group

2019 – 2022


The Sydney Football Stadium (SFS) is a significant component of the sports facilities that comprises the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground (SC&SG). Completed in 1988, the SFS has hosted numerous sporting events in its 30 years of operation, for various sporting codes including Football (Soccer), Rugby League and Rugby Union as well as occasional music concerts. The existing SFS is facing serious commercial and operational challenges in remaining competitive now and into the future. The stadium has aged poorly and fails to meet modern expectations of a Tier 1 stadium in terms of patron experience, crowd management, safety / security, accessibility, facilities for core tenants, operational efficiency, premium hospitality and food / beverage offerings and media requirements.

On 24 November 2017, the NSW Premier announced the SFS Redevelopment. The redevelopment will include demolition of the existing facility and replacement with a globally competitive stadium that achieves the requirements for a stadium now and into the future. They key principles of the concept are:

  • New flexible venue stadium with up to 45,000 seats, suitable for sports and other major events
  • New facilities for general admission
  • New playing pitch
  • Hospitality facilities / Ancillary food and beverage and entertainment facilities
  • New basement with service vehicular access for servicing and bump-in/bump-out
  • New public domain works surrounding the new stadium, building on the venue’s unique parkland setting
  • Include technology for the future
  • Create a venue for the growth of men’s and women’s elite sport as well as the ability to adapt to new sports and the rise of e-sports
  • Create a publicly accessible entertainment and recreational facility
  • Create a stadium integrated with its surrounds including Centennial and Moore Parks and the surrounding residential and business areas
  • Create a sustainable future

LCI have been engaged to provide Mechanical, Electrical, Communications, Security, Hydraulics, Fire Protection, Vertical Transport, ESD, Sports Lighting and Fire Engineering Peer Review Services.

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