Zip-Co Headquarters Fitout

Sydney, NSW



LCI Consultants has successfully completed the fitout of Zip Co’s new headquarters, located at the iconic 180 George Street in Sydney. Spanning three floors and encompassing a total area of 3,350 sqm, Zip Co’s newly designed workspace and showroom represent the pinnacle of modernity and strategic design.

This transformation was made possible through LCI’s comprehensive suite of services, including mechanical, electrical, security, hydraulic, and fire protection engineering. Each element was meticulously integrated to ensure the highest standards of safety, functionality, and regulatory compliance, setting the stage for a workspace that meets the evolving needs of Zip Co and its clients.

Harmonising Tradition with Innovation

Just as with our previous fitout projects, we approached the transformation of Zip Co’s offices with a vision to create a contemporary design.

“Our goal was not just to create a workspace, but to craft an environment that respects the legacy of the building while embracing Zip Co’s forward-thinking culture,” remarked LCI’s Project Manager, Arbaz Khan.

Throughout the project, our team encountered a range of challenges that demanded innovative solutions:

  • Mechanical PAC Units: Strategically locating mechanical PAC units to minimise noise disruption and implementing effective acoustic treatments were paramount to ensuring a conducive working environment.
  • Hydrant Coverage: Meeting fire safety regulations, particularly in new meeting rooms, necessitated additional hydrants to ensure comprehensive hose coverage.
  • Acoustic Control: Designing services with a focus on acoustics to minimise noise transmission between spaces/rooms, ensuring comfort for occupants and privacy during client meetings.
  • Security Systems: Integrating base building systems with the new security installations within the office space to enhance safety and maintain privacy for both staff and clients.
  • Adequate Lighting Design and Control Systems: Implementing a lighting strategy that ensures visual comfort and aesthetic appeal in each room. Providing individual lighting controls to meet sustainability standards while accommodating users’ specific needs.
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